Smoke free race book simulcasting

Live simulcasting of thoroughbred and standard bred horse racing from around the country is presented at the Trump Taj Mahal Simulcast Facility. With up to 20 tracks daily depending on scheduled availability.

A variety of wagers can be placed, as at any race course. Bets can be placed to win, place or show. If you bet on a horse to win and it places first, you win. Betting on place means if your horse comes in second, you win. And if you bet on a horse to show, and he finishes third, you win. Another bet is on Win, Place and Show . If your horse wins, you get all three pool payouts. An Exacta bet is to place your money on the first and second place horses together. To bet a Trifecta means you pick the first, second and third horses to come in. You can also box your picks for Exactas, Trifectas and Superfectas, which means you pick two, three or four horses respectively and if the horses win in any order, you'll win, too. A key bet is to pick one horse to come in first, second or third with as many horses as you like for exactas, trifectas and superfectas. A wide variety of different wagers can be made, such as Daily Doubles, rolling Daily Triples, the National Best Sevens and much more. These and others are detailed in the Racing Guide available at the Simulcast Facility.

Types of Racing Offered

Thoroughbred and harness racing from virtually all major U.S. tracks during their racing meets. Wagering

All wagering is at track odds with track odds payouts. Wagering Pools Available

Virtually all betting pools available at the tracks carried are available here. Accommodations

Available reserve TV monitor seating (no charge) plus armchair seating. Beverages served at patrons’ request. Separate facility available for patrons who smoke. Race Information

We carry Daily Racing Form and Sports Eye products at cover price* *These may be comped depending upon level of play. General

We are currently able to offer 11 tracks simultaneously. We offer teller operated windows as well as self operated wagering terminals. Anyone not familiar with U.S. race betting procedures is advised to request assistance from our race personnel and we will provide you with the answers to make your experience a pleasure. You are invited to call the Taj Race Book Manager's Office at 609-449-6141 Monday through Friday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST with any questions that you may have about the Race Book or in planning your trip to the Taj Atlantic City.